Procedure Writing

Do your employees give you a confused look when you tell them that the proper way to fill out form A104-2 (Daily Safety Checklist) is all spelled out in section B, pages 110-125 of the company handbook?


Is digging around for this stuff wasting your employee’s time?


Are they frustrated by the “Red Tape,” or legal requirements?


It doesn’t have to be this complicated.  Often, “red tape” or “legal requirements” are nothing but poorly worded, drawn out or obsolete documents that, with care, can be streamlined and simplified into easy to read information.

I can help you:

-Boost productivity

-Decrease frustration and conflict

-Avoid costly, unsafe practices caused by confusion

-Avoid fines or violations from misunderstood documents.

Let me help you do the work of untangling your documentation!  Contact me today at